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Our final exhibition consists of participatory live interventions
based on art-science encounters


One live installation and one performance explore new ways of experiencing the intricate relationships that tie our lives to climate change through nexus thinking, especially through the lens of the water-energy-food nexus. They will also explore the impact of climate change on the nexus and consequently on human livelihoods. The embodied experiences aim to create motivation and agency for critical engagement and action to address climate change and are situated in our hybrid-cyborg lives at the intersection of digital and analogue, virtual and real. The audience is invited to take part in the experimental online sessions on May 11, 2021, where we develop together new ways of understanding, inhabiting, dealing and working with climate change.


Main Interventions


GLAXIER NEX US, led by artist Ida-Marie Corell and glaciologist/climate scientist Lindsey Nicholson, is an embodied glacier performance that critically engages and interweaves glaciology and climate sciences with themes of personal and zoom identity, pandemic technocracy, patriarchy, disturbance, and social change.

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HOMONEXUS, led by artist Francesca Aldegani and philosopher/cognitive scientist/musician Alejandro Villanueva, is a participatory textile installation in digital and analogue spaces. The installation embraces an embodied and collective approach to cognition and motivation in relation to the cognitive and emotional challenges that climate change presents us with.

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